Blank Canvas

Just NoiseEvery man is a fresh start. He cannot take credit for anything disconnected from his own direct and immediate experience. If he is brought up in a particular culture with tomes of historical tales and facts associated to it, packed with dated deeds and past achievements that call upon communal emotions of national pride, he is in no position to take credit for any of it. This is an absurdity that can be observed all across the world and all throughout history, in which the individual members of a particular group assume authority for qualities they do not personally possess. The result of such false pretence is that it debilitates the potential of an individual in a variety of ways. The more a man commits his personal identity to qualities and characteristics that are only associated to him by circumstance, according to the particular characteristics of the environment he has been born into, the less emphasis will he place on himself in terms of the individual responsibility to make a name for himself that defies labels. It is essential that he think of himself in at least some significant measure as a particle amidst a vacuum, in which the blank canvas of his journey throughout this world is drawn up and coloured by his own hand.


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