Disguised Laziness

Don't PretendThe foundation of intelligence will always revolve around self-doubt and wariness. Watchfulness, cautiousness, and a philosophy dependent on questioning one’s self and everything external, are the chief pillars of genuine wisdom. Certainty is the double-edged sword that threatens intelligence. It can all too easily become a crutch and an indulgence to disguised laziness because the world is far too complex and dynamic to ever be understood for more than a brief moment at a time and, even then, it is only ever understood from a sliced perspective that cannot be extended to envelop the rest of reality. The human mind enjoys disregarding this truth and the futility of trying to pretend to be certain about anything or everything. Both a man and society at large loathe a blank canvas; they want the whiteboard to be scribbled to the brim with beliefs and opinions so that they can preserve the pretence that what has happened, what is happening, and what will happen, are all part of a recognised formula of predictability. Reality, unfortunately, doesn’t play out according to a formula that can ever be fully comprehended by an ordinary mind that at the same time harbours a prolific basket of biases and prejudices.


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