Lower Emotions

Right DirectionDespite the common idea that logic and rationality are devoid of emotion and are even opposed to it, it is in actual fact only through such a mental sophistication that genuine emotions can manifest. The range of emotions normal ordinary men pacing mindlessly through the streets experience are of a lower variety and are more the stuff of fantasy than reality. A man’s imagination is awash of anticipations that regularly conjure up expressions of negativity in the form of tensions and anxieties. These are the petty feelings that arise mechanically based on unintelligent habits and social conditioning, and they are of a poor nutritional quality that is detrimental and destructive to the psychology of the man digesting them. Mechanical emotions of this nature must be separated from the elevating and enriching kind that only surface in parallel to the stoic discipline of placing logic and rationality upon a pedestal from which a man’s beliefs and opinions may be scrutinised and organised to such an incessant degree that fantasies are unable to dwell and thrive in sufficient measure to pose a threat to his general constitution. It is only from within such a structured psychological landscape that the lower emotions can be rendered passive and benign, and in which a man’s clarity will be left unfettered by their delusional influence.


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