Inner Anarchy

Solid StructuresAnyone who supposes themselves to be a free thinker has to produce a regular stream of anarchy into his mind. The moment to moment reality of his day consists of an incessant river of thoughts that have their foundation in conditioning and habit, and the only way to oppose the inertia and stagnation this causes to his personal development is the mental chaos that such a practice of inner anarchy bears to fruit. Outside, amongst the great theatre of human actors playing out their particular roles upon the broad canvas of history, a man remains as he is. But inside, within his own mind, a man must keep the fire of friction continually kindled with self-doubt. He must try to be as merciless as possible in questioning and scrutinising the thoughts that surface into his awareness. In relation to people, why does he have knee-jerk reactions of oscillating judgements; one moment positive, one moment negative? A man is not a vacuum, nor is he an objective measure of anything whatsoever. His bias is consistently fraught with examples of errors and naïvety that are conveniently overlooked by his conscious awareness because somewhere hidden at the centre of his personality is the desire to live within a bubble of self-justified reality.


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