Essential Ingredient

Stay TunedThe fact of reality remains fixed on one crucial condition: trouble is the norm while peace and quiet are the exceptions. This is especially true for those who are continually active in revamping old structures and rehashing new ones into creation. Whoever the individual may be, regardless of their circumstances, and whatever subjective ideas and beliefs they may hold, life will always furnish trouble and waves of distraction to oppose any plans, objectives, or goals they set out to achieve. It is an objective and absolute law. A man proceeds with some course of action and circumstances inevitably begin their revolt, during which both the integrity of his plans and the integrity of his character are tested. From a naïve point of view a man will consider this foul play, sour fate, and bad luck, but this poor attitude only serves to illustrate his lack of knowledge and being. For those who have any sense of understanding of what factors are required for the development to proceed of both society structures and the sophistication of a single man, trouble in all its forms is the essential ingredient that makes progress possible. It is the fire, the friction, the pressure, that makes men stronger, smarter, and therefore increasingly capable to serve as conduits of creation.


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