Fully Programmed

Already SetThat a man’s memory begins not at the start of his life, but in fact several years after conception, should be a troubling fact. Unlike animals that learn only their physical movements by imitating their parents and peers, the function of imitation goes one step further in relation to humanity. A man’s mind is founded upon pre-construed and pre-configured concepts and attitudes by way of imitating the psychology of his parents and the surrounding population. A man does not vet these concepts and attitudes for himself. He never has the chance. He adopts them in the same mechanical way in relation to his mind as an animal imitates the herd in relation to its respective range of movements. A man doesn’t form these ideas for himself or integrate them into his psychology after investigating them for himself. His memory begins far after these ideas and attitudes have already been fully programmed into his way of being. There is no questioning of why he thinks the way he does, acts in a certain fashion, or believes what he believes about the reality in which he finds himself immersed. His programming is left unchallenged and his thoughts and actions proceed on autopilot. A fundamental function of parenting, and the societal system of law to which it belongs, is that inherently wild babies are indoctrinated by enforcing them to follow without scrutiny the socialised morality and belief system of an artificial and arbitrary culture.


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