Negative Effects

See ThroughAgeing is a double-edged sword. A man on the one hand acquires an ever lengthening roll of memories based on experiences that illustrate the relationship between cause and effect. This in turn will lend him an increasing capacity to practice discretion and potentially minimise the rise of unwanted consequences. The other side of the equation is in terms of the effect ageing has on his physiological and psychological constitution. A man’s metabolism slows down in parallel to the tendency to fixate on singular and narrow modes of being in nearly every aspect of his life. His thinking begins to clench, his habits calcify, and what was once a youthful way of being that adored the varieties and abundant potential of what is possible now begins to grow stubborn by way of limited, biased, and shrouded attitudes. The trade off is subtle, gradual, yet inevitable for the majority of all modern men dwelling within the sophisticated societal systems that be. A man will not only not notice the negative effects of what is happening as he ages; he will in fact narrate the entire process as an accomplishment that he will pride himself on. The reality is that growing older offers both advantage and disadvantage at the expense of one another, and to those who are objectively aware of what is happening to them, the relationship between the two can be significantly altered to their conscious benefit.


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