Superficial Persona

Mere DecorationA man himself is but an animal, albeit one of unprecedented intelligence and potential. The animal is real, fundamental, and its inherent necessities and requirements compel the rest of who he is to oblige. What is not real are the thoughts that flow through his mind, which have their origin not at conception but from a compilation of borrowed ideas that incrementally accrue layer upon layer until they form what is commonly referred to as a man’s personality. To the animal a personality is clothing, apparel that is acquired piece by piece until it covers the entire surface of a man’s essential nature. Such clothing is necessary in order to integrate, adapt, and survive amidst the environment of societal systems involving communication, cooperation, and competition. While these conditions are borne out of necessity, and a man has no choice but to wear something or another in order to sustain himself within the social universe in which he dwells, the question of the nature of the clothing and the relationship it has to a man’s current and potential state is what is of interest to those who hope to better understand the human condition. The case for most is that the clothing, the decoration that coats the animal with ornaments and other artificial qualities, usurps all control away from it, rendering the man into a mere servant or slave to the superficial persona that now decides who a man is, what he wants, and what he will ultimately do.


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