Cloudy Picture

Stuck InsideAll men live behind a veil from which their perceptions and suppositions about the world and the people swirling within it are distorted and deluded. A man thinks to himself that no one knows him better than he does himself. He, like every other man, believes that others are unable to see him in the right way; that they are unable to recognise and understand the truth of who they are, what they can do, and what their true intent is. Their cloudy picture of the world is founded upon the bricks and pillars of such assumptions, whether they be conscious or not. The reality is contrary to these unfounded notions. A man can and will likely never be able to see himself as clearly as others can see him. The culprit for this seemingly unfair declaration of self-delusion is that his inner chatter, a man’s incessant churn of imagination, distorts his mentality according to his particular form of vanity — that impostor implanted in him by all of the many merry societal influences. He doesn’t, for example, realise how he forgets some incidents and events and only selectively remembers what, for some reason or another, appeals to him to remember. A man does not acknowledge certain habits, tendencies, frames of thought and perspectives, but only selective characteristics and traits that accord to his whimsical self-image. He cannot see himself objectively because he has been inwardly programmed to see only what his vanity approves to be seen. Other men, though quite guilty of this in relation to themselves, can see a man much clearer than he will ever suspect.


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