Random Script

Jump OverA man’s changeability is his only hope to changing for the better as well as his greatest foe in trying to change at all. This function of imagination is the impulse of fluxing moods. It is the rolling out of an involuntary flow of ideas; an endless procession of association, shapeshifting as circumstances compel thoughts to surface that in objective reality have no logical connection to the ones that preceded. A man unwittingly narrates the entire show, believing he is the director while in truth he is only an actor, playing out a random script not of his own making. The result is a meandering line that defeats the durability of goals and aims, whatever they may be, before he has even set out to realise them. This is the ploy of inward reactions as they are beset by outward events. Any man who desires to do anything worth doing has to recognise the inner pressures, the triggers of his imagination, that are always prone and ready to turn his eyes away from the original path. Men will constantly be tempted to forget their starting points by bending the midpoints towards unwanted ends, simply because their imagination cannot help but change the direction of everything they are doing.


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