Psychological Position

Different SpotsMen fall into all varieties of misunderstandings and confusions with one another because they neglect to recognise the differences in their types. Just as there are animals that live on the ground, fly through the air, and swim through the ocean, so too can men be categorised according to the mediums to which they primarily gravitate. While there are core characteristics that unite them as a common race, the psychological and physical nature of men differs according to their type. A land animal will never truly understand the psychological disposition of one that spends a great portion of its day flying through the air. The perceptions and accompanying perspectives of the one can never be fully comprehended by the other. The psychological landscape of men’s minds contains this same diverse range of characteristics, and a single man will have his centre of gravity at one or another end regardless of the assumptions he might make that everyone else around him shares the same psychological position. There are at the same time a limited number of types and the supposed uniqueness of one single man does not defy the fact that he belongs to one particular category. Patterns can be observed and classified of these types and from such a study comes the capacity to predict how different flocks of human animal types behave in general, as well as in specific conditions and circumstances.


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