Indirect Window

Upon YourselfMen’s bodies are a physical representation of their most typical psychological states. The gesticulations of their tone of voice, facial expressions, muscular tensions, pace of movements, and rate of breathing, all mesh together to paint a clear picture of the particular and nuanced nature of the man in question. A observant fellow can recognise the core characteristics of the men he passes by in the street with perhaps even a single glance. Their mental and emotional climate is broadcasted in readily evident clues to anyone who has eyes to see and ears to hear. The mind and body are interlaced in such a way that they are mirrors to one another and this fact of reality is not simply a tool that a man can use for understanding other men but also for comprehending himself. It is a common condition among men that they are so accustomed to their own pattern of thoughts and emotions that they lose sight of them. Their inner world is rendered invisible while they points their fingers at the wrongdoings and faults of others, meanwhile ignoring their own, so much so that mental illnesses require the involvement of separate individuals wearing the badge of therapist in order to point out the obvious. Yet all the while the body lies in plain sight, indirectly offering an indirect window from which a man can rediscover the vocabulary of who and what he is.


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