Limited Space

Crowded SpaceTalents emerge when there is space made available for them to fester. A man can call his personality his ego, his self-image, his unique arrangement of fears and desires, gobbled together in one meshed stew, or he can call it something else. Whatever it is, it takes an immense amount of space in what is otherwise very valuable real estate. Mediocrity is the natural outcome when there is very little, if any, plots of land left for something else to rise up and appear. It is by a meditative self-appraisal that he can assess how much of this territory exists. He will find that there is often little time between one reaction — and the fireworks of thoughts and feelings that stir because of it — and the next for anything else to exist but the reaction itself. New space cannot be created out of thin air and so it is only a question of how to arrange the limited space he has at his disposal. A man must acknowledge this reality and act on it if he is able and willing to let his life become something more than the automatic repetition of the same reactions to conditions and circumstances in the future as have occurred in the past. Old space, that is, habits, conceptions, and preferences, need to be nudged out of their slots in order for that territory to be made available for anything and everything else he may want to foster within himself.


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