Optional Development

Swim BetterA man’s emotional development is not simply the result of an aggregate of experience. An old man is not by default a wise man, though it is certainly true that age, or time, is required to lapse to a certain point before a young man has the capacity to grow beyond mere societal conditioning. Men are very stubborn creatures. They bask in their habits and desires. Most of the problems they encounter in life will have at their crux a single habit or desire that they will refuse to let go of, transcend, or struggle with. As such the problem, a repeating pattern of experience that brings negative unwanted results, continues to repeat ad infinitum. This is the common weakness that infects virtually every single soul on the planet and it is the reason why ageing, in and of itself, does not guarantee the maturation of the emotional function of a man. It is quite common to meet a middle-aged successful fellow who, although mentally clever, has the emotional tantrums of an infant. It is a mistake to encounter any esteemed person in life with the assumption that intellectual capacity develops in direct proportion to emotional capacity. The latter is simply an optional development, a development that must be made consciously and intentionally based on a desire for psychological betterment.


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