Raw Realities

Lies UnderThere is much folly in the human condition; but a modern man, dwelling within the confines of a comfortable and more or less well-fed society, will be at odds with this point. The artificial conditions of a progressive culture that highlights the aspects of a man’s lifestyle that is concerned with high ideals and ambitions hides away the inherent nature of what men really are when and if those conditions change for the worse. There is at the same time a tacit understanding of the natural chaos that other men, living in unfortunate circumstances in faraway lands, where natural resources and petty politics condemn conditions to stagnate far below the lush satisfactions they enjoy at home. Yet they look upon such blatant facts, broadcasted to them by radio waves and electronic transfers of data which showcase such events and stories, as disconnected to their own reality. The unfortunates are almost perceived as living in an altogether different reality, and their personalities and interests seem to align to some outdated mode of existence quite disconnected from their cozy modern world. This is in fact a misconception and is more a question of what happens to a man’s character when he is not stricken with the necessities of immediate survival and can therefore bask in the luxuries of a life unburdened by the raw realities that some, due to the randomness of fate, can avoid throughout their entire lives.


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