New Trends

Spring OutHowever obvious as it may sound, it is reality that dictates the realisation of possibilities, and not people. The number of possibilities at any given point in time is limited and restricted to the factors at play when a countless number of competing forces vie for the same limited pot of resources. Men do not miraculously create their own fate based on a whimsical sentimentality of empowerment. The very best a clever man can do is act like a fisherman, conjure up a variety of different plans and dip them into the ocean of reality hoping that there is a bite on at least one so that it receives traction from the forces that be. Those sane men hoping to ride the waves of new trends need to hedge their bets on the one hand and, on the other, endlessly reiterate the nature of a singular bet until its form is sufficiently synced to reality in order for it to be received into existence. The nature of the environment men live in, convoluted to a degree of mind-boggling sophistication that no one is truly capable of understanding, is based on firm and insurmountable laws that deserve a man’s utmost respect. Insofar as he is able to pay attention to the dynamic of reality and continually prototype and test the waters of possibility with feats of speculation, a man can rise on the back of his bait.


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