False Footing

Already BuiltThe modern man is thrust into the world on false footing. He is allotted preconceptions that seep into the background and foreground of his mind. Society and its tentacles commit this feat effortlessly. Men are mired with opinions about what they should be and not be, have and not have, do and not do, and vice versa in relation to how they ought to be treated by other men. They even insist on extending this same relationship to external circumstances and conditions, taking unwanted, accidental, or negatively perceived happenings as if they are personal slaps in the face. What should happen and should not happen are already programmed into a man’s reactionary mindset. The very idea that he can be happy with nothing is not considered an option or, for that fact of the matter, a conscious recognition to any appreciable degree. Men are conditioned to psychologically match their surroundings by the subtle and blatant propaganda that is cheered tacitly or explicitly throughout the chattering streets by their contemporaries. That sense of impartiality that sanity beckons to those who know that simply being alive is already a priceless gift is lost to the modern man. He fails to realise that it is not life that owes him anything but, rather, it is he who owes everything to life.


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