Branded Product

Shifting SandLife is a realm filled with an endless offering of distraction. A man’s personality parallels it, serves as a microcosmic representation of it, and such is the engine of procrastination and an apathetic regard to concentration. Life — the world of society en masse — and men’s personalities dance with one another. They echo and repeat the same song back and forth, ensuring that neither the one or the other contradicts the tendency towards dilution. Society beckons men to mirror its desire for entropy, that force which flattens the spikes of disruption and maintains the status quo of whatever patterns reside and reign under current conditions. A single man falls in line to the proclivities of the group by the influence of the unwritten, unspoken, and unseen hypnotic understanding that the world as it is be predictable, even if reality proves countless times each day that predictability is a fool’s misguided belief. The sands are always shifting and upon such conditions the intention to maintain a supreme quality of effort demands that a man insistently unlearn, relearn, and constantly rejig his understanding of what is happening within the world and within himself. He must witness his sloth as a branded product common amongst all indoctrinated men living within the confines of a society corrupted with stagnant beliefs.


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