Little Structures

Inner StructuresHabits extend far beyond examples of nail-biting, teeth-grinding, hand gestures, pace of movements, eating regimes, wakeup times, and other practical yet simplistic outwardly observable patterns. They encompass all and everything having to do with the manifestations of a man in his entirety, inside and out. Habits are creatures that exist within a man — little identities, little souls, little structures — that owe their existence to the attention he places on the initial action that sprung them into being. A great many of them were initially implanted in men as habits absorbed by imitating others. A mother’s neurotic attention to detail, a father’s proclivity to fits of irritation, a teacher’s lunatic anxiety to orderliness, and lo and behold the once a child and now an adult has adopted his own peculiar brand of other mens’ insanities. The tendency to think negatively in a certain way about a specific behaviour witnessed in others can be fed so regularly by an attentive man’s gaze that as time passes and the tendency is increasingly satiated, it becomes ever greater a characteristic of his mind. The trait grows and grows with each passing incident until it eventually becomes a chief attribute of how he thinks, feels, and therefore behaves amidst the communal flow of daily events.


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