Mechanical Levers

Body FollowsThe mind considers a negative turn of events or imagines one that is only a mere possibility. The emotions straightaway stir up violent waves and the body begins to coil layer by layer. The body responds to the emotions like a beast that is unable to think for itself and therefore understand that the psychological wails of danger it hears are often of no immediate consequence for it. The mind and the emotions are in a perpetual state of projecting the future and their insanity lies in the unrestrained expression of speculation based on their expectations of how their reality should be arranged. The mind and the emotions unfortunately reside higher up on the food chain than the body, commanding and dictating the disposition of the whole human being, which the body follows like a robot to the call of mechanical levers. For its part the body is both a complicated creature and a simple one. Its complication is beyond the purview of a man’s conscious awareness. A man has no sovereign control over how his lymphatic system, for example, operates or the processes by which enzymes are produced or how they regularly transform its constitution. These are, however, significantly influenced and directed by the state of the mind and emotions. A man himself has only an indirect relationship to all of this sophisticated micro-machinery. For him the body is a very limited number of accessible functions — like the five senses and muscular tensions — that are readily available to his commands.


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