Fundamental Shift

Mixed WholeThere are no vacuums in the realities a man encounters, neither inward within his mind nor outward in the world he lives in. For one thing to be added something or many things must be displaced, and the entire universe shifts accordingly. If a new idea enters his thoughts, the only way it can take root and endure beyond a fleeting moment is if his whole psychology accommodates it. The idea may only require a substitution with another or the consequences can be far more dramatic, requiring an upheaval where everything must be turned upside down and reconfigured in relation to it. There are no empty slots whatsoever and the psychological laws that are in effect now can never be overruled or sidestepped. Therefore the mind is fixed as it is even though it is at the same time in constant and perpetual motion as it meets with the varying circumstances and conditions of events. For a man to believe otherwise is both an indication of naïvete and ignorance, for he overlooks and underestimates the nature of his perceptions. He may fool himself throughout an entire lifetime with mistaken beliefs and opinions which have no actual foundation in reality. Nothing changes the fact that the only way to make one fundamental shift is to rejig everything else, however slight or grand.


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