Animal Nature

animal insideThe social ego hijacks mens minds and sneaks in the counterfeit idea that there is something to win amidst the game of competitive survival. A man mistakenly believes that he is after a magical state of happiness that is available to him once he hoards enough of the scarce resources available in order to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. The truth is that men are chasing their tails and, although the competitive necessities are quite real, the contentment they seek is the contentment of the animal instincts that lie below the radar of their conscious awareness. Such an underlying animal nature can only live according to the fluctuating states of hunger and satiation, forever adapting to what it takes for granted in order to seek an increasing supply of security that has no end to its ambition. It is for this reason that sanity begins with the realisation of this animal living within the psychology of men and an awareness to the irrationality of its desires in relation to a life that will one day end. An animal doesn’t know any better, nor does it care to understand or question itself. It has no true interest in the collective welfare of the world and a man must recognise this aspect of his character in order to restrain it from running amok.


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