New Course

Change DirectionAll men have the right to start from a clean slate but seemingly none have the power to do so. It’s an impossible task to reverse the tide of years of indoctrination for the simple fact that it requires a level of struggle and suffering no one really understands. When faced with the fact that only one lifetime is allotted to each mortal, a man has to wonder whether he is condemned to living out his life as is, playing a role fashioned by forces other than his own, or if he can press the breaks at any time and begin on an entirely new course. Whether such an abruption is possible is a complicated idea as it must first account for the myriad of obstacles that stand in the way of an actor in a play disappearing from the stage. It implies breaking the laws of a confined little universe that is sustained by a web of other people, outer circumstances, and inner conditions. These are the three forces that work together to keep the herd aligned and directed towards a predestinated route unbecoming of free, sovereign, men. Yet only the last force, the inner psychological conditions of an individual man, constrain him to living out a predefined and predictable role.


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