One Shade

One ShadeMen are enchanted by the spell of one-itis, a state of insanity in which they feel compelled to¬†commit themselves to one possibility at the expense of all others. It matters not whether the affection lies towards an object, person, or situation; men invariably lose touch with reality all the same and lay all their emotional eggs into one proverbial basket. A man’s sense of happiness attaches itself to it, is bound by it, and should circumstances not favour his narrow idea of how fate should pan out, he will grow weary, despondent, and negative. His attachment to singular thinking of this kind is an impairment to his sanity, for although he may think in black and white, the colours of the moment are always present irrespective of his ignorance. Despite a man’s emotional slavery to what he supposes should happen in the immediate moment based on his assumptions of what is deserved and owed to him, the reality of the situation is that every next step is and can always be a fresh start in new and different directions. It is only after a long-winding series of experiences of this kind that men may come to realize this truth and begin to distrust this compulsion to perceive their lives in only one shade at a time.


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