Uncommon Man

Against the NormThe uncommon man departs from common conceptions in favour of the development of his own individual potential. The gradual rise of the general mass depends on the fate of such individuals. Leaps aren’t available to groups; only to singular units of society — only those rare few who choose to thrust themselves above the fold because they are unburdened by the prejudices of their contemporaries. Most people will invariably remain mediocre all their lives unless they aspire to an ideal that is seemingly unattainable and therefore outside the scope of standard modes of thinking. The saying holds true: shoot for the stars if you want to land on the moon. For only those who strive for an unprecedented leap in their own performance will be able to muster the quality of commitment, motivation, and effort required to break through the barriers of ordinary comfort zones. The majority will always rather forgo the seemingly impractical for the sake of indulgence to the pleasures of the lowest common denominator. As every single soul has the same relative quantity of energy available to expend each day on various subjective activities, either the one or the other has to be sacrificed in order to achieve anything at all.


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