Embarrassing State

Think AgainModern men are awash with contradictory intentions and motivations. They all spring up from various, altogether different, parts from within his psyche and are often layered and jumbled up together in such a way as to make introspection an elusive and convoluted task. A man thinks and assumes he knows what his intentions and motivations are, he believes in a self-certain fashion that he is the ruler of his own domain, but the reality is he is often little more than a stranger to himself. He will begin a task with one intent, perhaps relatively pure at heart, and immediately after the activity will be ousted by other motivations, tainted by subtle forms of greed, vanity, and pride. The beginning, the middle or duration, and the end are not of the same nature or quality. The activity itself is not linear. It may be that the initial motive pointed in one direction and then right after it is hijacked by another motive that fundamentally alters its course. A little while later another motive enters the scene, adds its own particular flavour, and the activity is now pointing in an altogether opposite direction to the one it had began. This is the embarrassing state of affairs one will find driving the course of a single man’s behaviour, compounded greatly in relation to larger groups.


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