Begin Anew

Empty OutWhatever is common amongst men and their societies is exactly what is least noticeable to them. If, say, a disease were to inflict the entire populace, then such an ailment would be considered a trait of normality. It is for this reason that the individual must incessantly struggle to start afresh and begin anew on his own terms. A clean slate is what is striven for at every turn. Anything that is adopted, inherited, and borrowed from ancestors and previous generations will be considered to be an obstacle, barrier, and buffer to understanding the world as it really is, barren of old contrivances. The mass delusion at work, the unspoken assumption, is that a man benefits from wearing the clothes of yesterday, carried forth from the past, without discrimination of its inherent value. He is conditioned to carry the baton and be weighed down by its burden throughout the race, regardless of the prejudices, biases, and ignorances it unwittingly conveys onto his psychological outlook. The unspoken assumption, supported by a man’s instinctive desire to be listless, idle, and lazy, is that the mentality of the majority reflects general wisdoms that are better left untouched by his own tainting influence. It is indeed very rare to find a man that understands that value is only imparted onto those who depart from traditions and adopt that which they have repeatedly vetted for themselves.


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