Lose YourselfIf all a man knows of himself is by way of the narrating voice that chatters outwardly and inwardly, his personality, than any measure of self-criticism will only serve to decrease and damage his vitality. If he has no sense of himself other than the verbal concoction of borrowed ideas he has adopted from others and society at large, than it will do him no good to struggle with this artificial identity. If, on the other hand, he knows himself to be something else besides his personality, something that is in fact nonverbal by its very nature, then he already stands in a position in which self-criticism can be a tool for improving and enriching what he is. Men can still their minds and stop the mental noise and realize there are possibilities in that silence which grant them strength and virtues impossible to access otherwise. Other men, namely the majority, will only experience an immediate boredom and a sense of non-existence that compels them to escape the experience as soon as possible by distracting themselves back into the slumber to which they are well accustomed. Some will be blind even though they can see and deaf even though they can hear.


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