Narrow Corridors

Thinking HigherEvery opinion is more or less an imposition on the mind that disables it in at least one opposing direction. A man’s mental apparatus is insistent on anchoring itself to fixed perspectives, and all varieties of bigotry spring up when the emotions are hinged to such fossilised modes of thinking. He does not self-doubt but rather vents out intolerance to that which does not agree to the suspect thoughts he has unconsciously committed himself into following. Thinking is movement and the conditioned ideas that a man’s upbringing mesh together is a gradual stagnation of all such movement except through very narrow corridors. Wisdom is exactly this recognition to self-doubt in as many moments as possible in order to create the room required for instilling intelligence. Men are prone to all manners of vices because of the fixations of their minds. Society itself encourages such indoctrination and conditioning because then the human herds are relatively predictable, ensuring that the status quo of reality remains in exactly the same formation. It is for this reason that most men will never be interested or motivated enough to explore new inner space in favour of self-development, rather than indulge in the same petty interests and desires of consumption they have been brought up to seek out to no end.


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