Elevated Ground

Higher StrengthThe sober mind is not swayed by moods. Nor does it follow random thoughts that enter the mind without rhyme or reason. It is not seduced by fickly changes of state based on the uneasiness of the body. It does not follow the jitters of the crowd as their mob-minded insanity presses for action in all the wrong avenues. It does not lose itself in the face of troubled times, mishaps, and accidents.  The sober mind remembers what the greater mass of the population intends to idly forget. It remains rooted to a foundation of principles that rest on elevated ground. However tempting it may be for it to succumb to the emotional climate of expectations, anticipations, and subjective attitudes, the sober mind knows that lucidity lies in disbelieving the erratic in favour of the everlasting demand to be rational in the face of each experience. All men are born into a world that insists that they follow the drumbeat of the greater mass, the society which happens to prevail upon conception and until death. They are not, however, required to inwardly accept and believe the fictions of the hypnotic dream everyone happens to be sharing. They can struggle and strive to create a bubble of reality that is a creation all of their own.


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