The Storyboard

Stand ApartOrdinary men are fully absorbed in the story of their lives. They are satisfied by the identity they have been born into. Whoever a man thinks he is, and whatever he believes is happening around him, becomes a constant buffer and obstacle to the potential development of other facets of what he could become. The storyboard of life, the annals of history, the plots of social existence, and his personal conception of what his life means, all converge together as a perfect cage. Men do not conceive of the cage as a cage because they are ensnared by this complex web of distraction. Everything they say, do, and experience are justified by the voice of an inner narrator who explains away the sequence of events in accordance to the storyboard. A man will not question himself in directions that contradict the storyboard for that would require a certain degree of detachment from it in the first place. Such a detachment would indicate a measure of psychological anarchy, an empty slot of mental space that would offer an independent self-assessment to what is really what. This is the starting point that opens up the possibility for men to reach out beyond themselves and strive for a genuine development of their potential.


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