The Fates

Look OutMen find themselves in exactly the position they should be amidst the social order. However much they may fantasise about where they ought to be placed given the qualities and talents they imagine they possess, the social ecosystem is governed by natural laws that lock every piece of the puzzle together in a very particular arrangement. Men who can think out logically and rationally in ways that allow them to rule over their emotions, and so maintain a sober mind despite the presence of great strains and pressures, are the ones that by default rise to higher positions of responsibility and authority. Life allocates situations, scenarios, and problematic dramas to those who can handle them with a corresponding measure of integrity and intelligence. Cream, as they say, always floats to the top. To succumb to lower forms of stress, and all the accompanying varieties of fears and anxieties, is what the fates use to decide whether a man rises, falls, or stays in place. To remain in a state of limbo means he is more or less stagnant in terms of facing himself, recognizing his weaknesses, and breaking repeating patterns of failure in relation to the recurring problems, obstacles, and difficulties he meets on a daily basis.


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