Left Veiled

AutopilotThe mind notices something it has previously registered as what is known and says to itself, “I know this”. It immediately disregards any additional need to attend to the details of this thing. The nuances and subtleties are wholly dispensable for it. The mental apparatus simply needs to categorize the unknown into the known and any deeper reflection is deemed unnecessary. In such a way men are satiated by a superficial outlook towards the world they live in. The inner workings and mechanics of the living reality is left veiled. They tread through the day’s errands, eyes glazed, looking but not looking, thinking but not thinking, sensing but not sensing, feeling but not feeling, forever living within the echo of their previous impressions. This is the bubble of perception each human gradually steps into as they begin their journey from birth all the way down to the rocky roads of infirmity. A blank slate is covered with preconceptions and then the preconceptions serve as the middle man between the perceiver and the perceived. An insurmountable barrier is constructed that transforms men into autopiloted personalities that do little more than daydream themselves from morning to night.


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