Faeces or Flowers

Swim ThroughDevoid of an interest and an active pursuit of bonding oneself to higher ideas, connected to a craft of some practical relevance, men gravitate towards the pettiness of their social existence. They have no choice but to dwell on the nonsense of trivialities and grumble at the slightest irritations because a mind cannot be left empty. Something or another must fill the void, be it the higher or lower quality of ingredients at play. His imagination will generate what it must to keep the space full, and it will rummage through junk food as its source of fuel if it must. A man has to live under this law irregardless and it behooves him to decide whether he will subsist amidst faeces or flowers. The latter requires him to take on hobbies and undertakings which include both a rich theoretical base as well as a practical method for applying such ideas in the real world. In such a way he falls under the momentum of higher forces that fate him down an upward path. He is by analogy the water that fills the glass, taking on the shape of the vessel he occupies. The elevated ideas convey and impart their finer qualities upon the man, steeping him with their deep flavours.


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