Elevated Moments

Bear FruitMost men will opt in favour of vicariously experiencing the hardships of others from stories and tales broadcasted to them as they lie on their bottoms and backs. They will never seek out the fruits of such trials and tribulations themselves because they can barely handle the trivial troubles just as they are. A man does not understand how negativity can be transformed into all of the qualities he passively yearns for. His nature is to whine and shriek at the sight of the slightest ill-wills garnered by others and the inconveniences he will surely have to meet one after the other as time delivers the unexpected. Only the momentum of negative experiences allow a man to generate the elevated moments of clarity that in turn bear upon him the capacity to be and do something creative and resourceful. It is only by facing head-on one’s inner reactions to outer inconveniences, minor and major alike, that such finer qualities can emerge. A man himself has the capacity to not react, to disbelieve in his own thoughts and emotional tendencies, and forgo it all in favour of a composed mindset that fathoms the bigger picture.


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