Opposing Force

Run BackSociety imparts its standard model of vanity into every modern man. Such a device is behind the motivation to hide mistakes, showcase accomplishments, and so maintain the impression to others of an exceptionally polished self-image that is worthy of their attention. It makes him fear himself and the inevitable missteps that characterize the very nature of who he is. To define himself as a mistake-making-machine is the last thing a modern man will want to own up to. Yet from the point of view of the modest, the humble, the practical, and the lucid, mistakes are the driver of eventual perfection. Errors are invariably the polishing agent that produces mastery in every line of art, science, and approach to living life with dignity. Vanity produces the opposite effect: a delusional psychology that fears that which would otherwise impart in him an ascending line of progress in whatever he sets out to do well. Vanity is therefore the promise of maintaining a state of perpetual mediocrity, where the shell is painted with decorations while the core kernel remains raw, and eventually rots. It is the opposing force to any true development of a man’s character within the realm of personal and social affairs.


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