Top of Mind

Lay of the LandBase impulses brew up a simple personality in a man. These are most prominent along the countryside where city lights don’t drown away the stars. Closer to the human hives of larger towns and cities, where populations expand to immense proportions, the personality grows fat with habits above and beyond core needs. Men form complicated desires and fears, mostly out of imitation of the surrounding society and the social norms that are popular there. Habits are living things, little personalities that have their own voice within the mind, and who congregate with other habits that share parallel pursuits of satisfaction. They perpetuate themselves by way of rambling associations of thoughts. The more they are at top of mind, the greater becomes their influence in a man’s life. As they extend their reach, so does the man’s personality further revolve around the habit as a centre of gravity. His persona becomes identified to the habit as one and the same, and if one desires to know the man, he must merely determine which habits are strongest in him, for all others will be subordinate to their influence. In such investigations there is no talk of vague concepts like the soul or the subconscious, but rather an understanding of the habits, the traits, the qualities, the characteristics, that comprise the recipe of a man.


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