Forget Themselves

Forget YourselfThe point is clear: lucid thinking is readily available to those who can forget themselves. It is a flawed idea to believe otherwise. A man cannot allow his personality to rest as the central modus operandi from which his life revolves. His tastes and interests are far too subjective, tainted by years of imitating others and conditioned by pre-fabricated rules that society has imposed onto his belief systems. To be able to think freely, with fresh novelty, to dig into one’s life experience in such a way as to continuously discover truths for oneself, requires that the central axle not be himself and his particular brand of vanity. Men must uproot themselves from the equation in order to perpetually totter back to a more innocent and pure frame of mind, and perhaps one day be anchored there permanently. They must substitute their inherent bias with a dedication to ideas not inclusive to their own adopted leanings. There is a sense of emotional relief in forgetting oneself that cannot be had in any other way. It is the childlike lightness that is uncovered underneath the heavy layers of preconception. A man begins to realize and understand that he is not required to agree with himself.


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