Necessary Effort

Walk ThroughThere is an emptiness in the modern man that clearly conveys to the world how shallow his presence is in every living moment. It is reflected in his every aspect: mind, emotion, and body. His thoughts are scattered and not concentrated. His emotions are diluted and not condensed. His body is disconnected to the environment and not grounded to it. He can concentrate, condense and ground himself, but he is distracted by every external circumstance and condition so as to never realize his responsibility to make the necessary effort. He doesn’t fully exist as is his birthright. Instead he flutters in and out of a sort of existential purgatory that is fixated around a societal role he is compelled to value beyond the essential nature of being alive and alert to the very strange and novel reality in which he finds himself. He can produce an inner atmosphere of psychological depth if he but choose to forgo the daydreams of who he thinks he needs to be and begins to connect to the raw ingredients that are rooted in his core essential nature. Men could surface above such transient clouds of pretence with relative ease if it were not so insistently reinforced by everyone and everything around him. The idea is to pause, reject, and start afresh to the reality of this immediate moment.


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