Endless Digestion

Stay AliveIt is a hallmark of the human condition that men watch but do not observe what they are watching. They hear but do not listen. They sense and feel, but they do not experience. The incoming impressions of life are not fully received, absorbed, and digested — but rather are reflected like light does against the surface of water. Men are familiarized to their world and if something has not become familiar as of yet, soon it will be given a name, like a ‘shoe’ or a ‘tree’, and henceforth that phenomenon will be one less thing, force, or circumstance to experience with any appreciable degree of depth. Instead a man will gaze upon it for a split second and give it no heed, no mind, no second glance. He looks to all things in the same way, ironically always searching and seeking for new experiences only to pacify each and every new inkling of novelty with the deadening blow of becoming familiar to it. Such is the human condition. Men, regardless of what they may say or think in imaginary terms, do not by their nature endeavour to openly and objectively experience the world. If they did, they would insistently attempt to refrain from superficially categorizing their world into a binary dynamic of the known versus the unknown, and instead struggle to keep their experience of the world alive by allowing the question of each thing to remain open for endless digestion.


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