Dispassionate Attitude

High WavesThe most precious talent a man can develop during the course of his life is the ability to temper the physical and emotional storms of experience with a dispassionate attitude. His natural conditioning will always attempt to lure him to combust with exaggerated reactions to the unpredictable flow of events. The mind loves to be lazy by familiarizing itself with overly simplified laws and rules of life so as to be able to make assumptions about how a man’s future will or should pan out. But events curve and meander and they are always changing their slope in relation to his naïve expectations, giving way with ease in one moment only to become insurmountable walls of friction in the next. This fluctuating dynamic forces him to continuously change course by having to recalculate his position and relation to reality. It is this incessant requirement to realign one’s lazy notion of what is happening around him on a momentary basis that creates a near permanent state of negativity in the average modern. Men desire to pigeonhole the forces and factors of life so as to allow them to project their ideas of what should happen onto what actually will happen. It is only by fostering a dispassionate attitude, one that is willing to be indifferent to the storyboard notions automatically conjured up by a silly ego, that one can live closer to actual reality.


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