Ad Infinitum

Fated FlightsWhat a man is — his constitution, his characteristics, and his compulsive tendencies — are like tight strings that tie him down and define the exact circumstances of his life. His desires and habitual frames of mind promise an inexorable repetition of the same patterns of experience. The same concerns cycle back and forth as he continues to create the causes that result in similar themes of dramas, incidents, and situations ad infinitum. He falls for the same traps and refuses to ever stop to reflect and try to transcend the core psychological attributes that serve as triggers for it all. He is in this way stationed in precisely the conditions that match who he is and what he is. In such a fashion the multitude of men around him are organized in a perfect tapestry that is defined by a sense of cosmic justice that is incomprehensible to them all. They pretend to know and see the factors and laws that allocate their current state and future fate, but the actual reality of what is happening is veiled to most, if not all, of them for the simple fact that they refuse to change by broadening their view of both themselves and those around them.


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