Fourth Ingredient

Seek ItThere is no substitute for the emotional experience infused in a man who has somehow fallen under the spell of a dream he is eagerly pursuing. Purpose, initiative, and a positive attitude of proactivity takes the centre stage of his psychology. The ideas surrounding such a purpose orient themselves into a structure of meaning that to some degree dislodges and supersedes the otherwise purely egotistical existence of just another human-being breathing in the same air as everyone else around him. To be endowed with a specific orientation in life, to know the direction one is heading, and to understand why it is important to his personal identity and affairs, creates a force which makes the man — at least for a certain time — feel as if he is blooming at the right time and place in the universe, regardless of all the baggage that lies in his past. It is an extra ingredient that need not exist within him and for the majority of men such a seed never falls, roots, and reaps any results. For the majority, survival, recreation and procreation suffice as the centrepiece pastimes that fill their days from birth to death. They need not ever encounter a fourth ingredient that musters up the momentum required in order to become a force of creation in this world.


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