Wholeheartedly Participate

Bring ForthEvery sort of pesky vice and vanity disappear when a man busies himself with worthwhile aims. Wherever there is space, weeds are sure to grow. If the space is instead filled with acts of volition, with an intentional pursuit of endeavours and ventures that entail an enriching experience, then the weeds simply have nowhere to grow and fester. The corrupting influences simply recede in the wake, as a psychological feature has no choice but to shrink when it is not fed with consistently appetizing doses of attention. A man’s mind must not be left idle for this very reason. It is in the shadows and dark spots of one’s psychology that erroneous and insane ideas brew. When he is aware of this and makes efforts to constrain its influence accordingly, this is when a man has no other recourse but to ensure his life is always filled with the type of satisfaction a farmer enjoys as he sows seeds and observes them gradually reap. There is nothing more pleasing to a mature psyche than to wholeheartedly participate in the cycle of creation. For every other type of pleasing experience will fall short in relation to the elation of serving as a catalyst of change.


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