Wishful Thinking

Bad SequenceA man’s life is perceived as a linear course, where time and space permit only one thing to happen at a time, and that thing can only happen at the expense of a great many other possibilities not happening. The very nature of such a singular sequence of existence haunts each man with an endless variety of both trivial and significant regrets. He second guesses himself a moment after a decision is made and the consequence unfolds. Time is relentless and inexorably defiant of any request a man might make that he go back in time and remedy one or another of his alleged misdeeds. He reckons that a revision of the past could change everything in his present for the better. The naïveté of such a proposition betrays the fact that the man is lost in wishful thinking. For although his life feels like a series of dominoes neatly connected in orderly patterns, reality is far more intricate and convoluted — so much so that for one thing to change a great many other things, and perhaps the entirety of everything everywhere, would have to change in connection to it. Like everyone else he fails to realize how interconnected his frame of mind and actions are to an innumerable array of factors that compelled him to do what he did exactly as he did them.


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