Every Spot

Beyond ReachThe trials of life aren’t summoned by some sentimental force of nature. They occur because straight lines simply do not exist in reality. No one man’s intent, save for the most trivial or mechanical of tasks, will simply arrive at its destination without encountering a series of curves which steer its trajectory off course. Every line of activity is subject to curves because life is crowded to the brim with complication. There is an angle at every spot. Men will delude themselves in believing their success is based around a neat formula of a positive attitude and hard work, failing to grasp how significant a role accident plays in the affair. The venture begins and he walks the path with simpleminded assumptions as he ignores a host of unpredictable factors. The dynamics of reality are in constant motion while the man himself continuously insists that his momentary understanding of what is happening right now will prove to hold true throughout the entire sequence of beginning to end. The circumstances and conditions that make this moment what it is are far too nuanced, subtle and elaborate for any mechanism of the human mind to predict and forecast. It is only from such a point of view that men can prepare themselves for the uncertain and mysterious fate that awaits.


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