Perpetual Change

Shifting FormsSimplifying the live dynamics of life into textbook formulas is the keystone of mediocrity and insanity. The vibrancy of reality cannot be encompassed by a single mind for any given period of time. Whatever held true a moment ago may shift into a slightly different form in the next and this requires that a man let go of whatever stale old ideas he is clinging to and be open to the movements of perpetual change. The entire episode just now experienced was simply one angle of a facade that extends to far greater dimensions than he is compelled to consider because his mind has been conditioned to simplify everything into what is easily digestible for it. A desire for cold certainty, an ache for familiarizing whatever is unknown, and the hypothetical idea that a man can somehow live in an utterly safe, secure and pleasant reality at all times — these are the culprits that delude the mind into thinking it can box reality into a limited and finite conception. The bare truth is that men can live this way their entire lives because society churns each of them out of the factories of education believing they can look upon the fluidness of what is with glasses that perceive only solid objects that never change.


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