Full Range

Full MileMomentum is found only between the tension of opposites. Men slip and fall in one moment, grow negative towards the state in which they find themselves, and only then discover enough momentum to climb to a higher level. It is in directly experiencing the negative that he finds the right amount of tension, the energy and wherewithal, to bolster himself to a correspondingly positive state. The full range can only be grasped if he has tasted both ends, and one could not logically expect for it to be possible otherwise. The whole notion of mediocrity and its prevalence as a chief characteristic of modern society is that people shy away from the extremes, the lowest and highest of polar altitudes in human experience, and so are doomed to stagnate within the confines of a lower range. Men find themselves stuck in a zone of mediocre life, where they only have access to a feeble range of ideas on what they can and cannot do, exactly because the energy found in such a degenerated psychological space is in far shorter supply. It is here, in this environment, that festers a fear of the unknown, towards failure itself, and a debilitating hypnotism of what one must settle for in life.


One response to “Full Range

  1. ‘The full range can only be grasped if he has tasted both ends,…’.
    I’ve been saying lately that people are not ‘feeling’ anymore, afraid to experience anything totally and fully… whether negative or positive – let go of fear and be totally present. Very nicely written! I enjoyed.

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