No Respite

See MoreMen, filled with more functions than any other machine, endowed with abilities more subtle and nuanced than anything else existing on the face of the earth, are always in a state where the quality of what they are can either develop or degenerate. There is no respite to this fact but a temporary limbo which very soon gives way to gravity unless the man himself is persistent in working to make himself continually better. Every aspect of his senses and the capacity to feel and think are subject to a law that makes a straight line impossible. Either he struggles to rise the quality of one or another of his features or he is doomed to watch it fall. His bare senses, for example, can continually be made to experience more; to see, hear, feel, and understand an ever increasing array of the plentitude and wealth of what is before him at this immediate moment. His experience can be made to encompass a greater degree and scale of the present moment and the quality of increasingly richer and vivid perceptions will fuel a deeper comprehension of the situations that continually befall him inside and out. Whenever he drops his guard and lets his awareness of this responsibility lower to the point of daydreams and absent mindedness, the very quality of who he is stagnates downwards.


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