Total Reset

Stand AloneA single man is a total reset. He has no right to take credit from the works of those who came before him or associate his own worth to the accumulated deeds of an ancestral lineage or an ethnic category. Value cannot be transferred. Men begin from a blank slate and from there they need to produce evidence that they have any significance for history to note whatsoever. This is the stark reality of individuality and believing in anything else only serves to create an obstacle between a man and the ounce of humility required in order to shock himself into creative action. While this is objective reality, his subjective state avoids his seeing it as so. Men take pride from their race, ancestors, family tree, society, company of employment, clubs and organizations, inheritances, social circles, and so on ad nauseam, as if they can claim the prevailing fruits of something larger than themselves as somehow their own. It is a fallacious notion that maneuvers into every unsuspecting mind, shrouding itself with camouflaging thoughts of justification, leaving no room for the idea that nothing and no one in this world can impart value into a man but he himself. It is in his hands alone and he is bereft of anything more than indications of help on how and what is possible.


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